Lead Mania

Crazy!Granted. Getting someone to visit your website and park their eyeballs on it for a while… is without a doubt, AWESOME!

And maybe, just maybe, they’ll step inside to see what you have to offer by opting-in to your newsletter …

Oooo, thrilling  for sure …

People drool over this. Including myself.

It’s a good thing I don’t have a buzzer that “zzzzzz” every time a visitor stops by … I’d be in a catatonic state by the end of the day from excitement, waiting and watching for the messages “Congratulations! You have a new subscriber!”

It’s Lead Mania. People spend lots of money on lead generation. But how do you know you’re getting quality leads?

For me,  there are leads every where! You don’t always have to buy them. Every time I connect with someone on Facebook, they are a potential “lead”.

But, I don’t pitch my stuff at first … oh NO! NEVER do that!  You’ll end up in the trash bin before you can say “BOO” …

Always build relationships first, always…

Recently I read this article about certain companies selling low quality, even bogus leads … (not so nice people everywhere). So you have to do your home work and scour the internet for trusted information. Don’t just go hopping to one lead generation place because you “heard through the grapevine!”


Two things ..

  1. Do your homework, just don’t sign-up with any “lead” generation program . I looked into one and first you had to join the program for X amount of $$, then you had to PAY extra for lists supplied by members …  which were not guaranteed.
  2. Look for companies that guarantee their leads, and have good customer service


Ya, know?

Feel Good,


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Lesly Federici is a Registered Nurse turned Affiliate/Network Marketer! She believes the internet provides a creative method to build relationships and businesses online. She also believes the best opportunities in life are ones that are self generated. Lesly created the Facebook group, "Our Power Blogging Tribe" and is co-creator of the "Power Affiliate Club". To learn more about Lesly, visit her on Facebook. Contact her too - she'd love to hear from you.

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