Your Gifts For Others

Open your amazing GiftsRecently I wrote a post about the “gems” in Network Marketing or in MLM, and I have to stop and say that the true Gems are people like you.

We are busy aren’t we. So busy we never stop to think how awesome we are, you are. And no one tells you much .. right?


 So this post is all about appreciatting you and your gifts. You have them, everyone does….

I have never been to any of Brendon Bruchard’s programs, but I have read his books “The Charge” and the “Millionaire Messenger” (both good reads). He has an inspiring heart.

Many people experience him as he is now, an author, an internet marketer, educator and innovator… but he wasn’t always. He started from scratch. Just like many of us are doing now, including myself.

The thing to remember is to just do it, no matter how scared you are about that “thing” you want to do… because that’s when life will chage for you. How fast or how slow you do that “thing” will determine the outcome too.

So do you want to fly? Step up your game!

Are you happy with your current speed? Then slowly yet confidently preceed towards that “thing”…

But remember, you have gifts. You have gifts to share with others that only you have. The world needs people like you more than ever to show others what “Gems” they are through the work that you do.

Watch Brendon soar as he tell this story …. and be reminded …

What did you think?

Comment below, I love to read them…

Feel good,


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Lesly Federici is a Registered Nurse turned Affiliate/Network Marketer! She believes the internet provides a creative method to build relationships and businesses online. She also believes the best opportunities in life are ones that are self generated. Lesly created the Facebook group, "Our Power Blogging Tribe" and is co-creator of the "Power Affiliate Club". To learn more about Lesly, visit her on Facebook. Contact her too - she'd love to hear from you.

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