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Open your amazing GiftsRecently I wrote a post about the “gems” in Network Marketing or in MLM, and I have to stop and say that the true Gems are people like you.

We are busy aren’t we. So busy we never stop to think how awesome we are, you are. And no one tells you much .. right?


 So this post is all about appreciatting you and your gifts. You have them, everyone does….

I have never been to any of Brendon Bruchard’s programs, but I have read his books “The Charge” and the “Millionaire Messenger” (both good reads). He has an inspiring heart.

Many people experience him as he is now, an author, an internet marketer, educator and innovator… but he wasn’t always. He started from scratch. Just like many of us are doing now, including myself.

The thing to remember is to just do it, no matter how scared you are about that “thing” you want to do… because that’s when life will chage for you. How fast or how slow you do that “thing” will determine the outcome too.

So do you want to fly? Step up your game!

Are you happy with your current speed? Then slowly yet confidently preceed towards that “thing”…

But remember, you have gifts. You have gifts to share with others that only you have. The world needs people like you more than ever to show others what “Gems” they are through the work that you do.

Watch Brendon soar as he tell this story …. and be reminded …

What did you think?

Comment below, I love to read them…

Feel good,


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Lesly Federici is a Registered Nurse turned Affiliate/Network Marketer! She believes the internet provides a creative method to build relationships and businesses online. She also believes the best opportunities in life are ones that are self generated. Lesly created the Facebook group, "Our Power Blogging Tribe" and is co-creator of the "Power Affiliate Club". To learn more about Lesly, visit her on Facebook. Contact her too - she'd love to hear from you.


  1. You are so right Lesly. We all have gifts to share, both personally and professionally. Yet , so many people don’t feel that they do not have anything of value to give. They hide their gifts. I have clients who are not marketing their businesses and I am working with them to push out of their comfort zone and put themselves out there. We all need to get our gifts out into the world.
    Rachel Lavern recently posted..Have You Learned These 10 Business Lessons?My Profile

    • Hi Rachel,
      Good for you… people need people like you to help they explore, discover, and share … so many are on this quest .. I am sure you do an excellent job … sounds like it :-) thanks for the visit and your comment …

  2. I really enjoyed that video. Good build up to it.
    To use a quote from the video……”Is she ever going to make that video?”
    My answer “Yes” I know I need to. I don’t think it will be as difficult as getting the lady in question to speak……smile
    I know what I need to do and I am convinced that I have something to offer someone out there. Thanks for inspiring me.
    Princess Shimari recently posted..Know your Skin Care Products for a“Healthy Life style” Part 2My Profile

    • Hi Yvonne,
      I KNOW you have something to offer… take your time.. practice in the mirrow to get comfortable in seeing yourself… then make a few “test” videos and see how you look on camera, and when you’re ready… fly …. we’ll support you every step of the way …

  3. Lesly,
    thanks for sharing your views about this great topic.. and for sharing the video.

    I follow Brendon Bruchard’s but beside buying the same books you bought and read part of them, I did not take any of his programs, perhaps I should but I rather stay away from adding more to my plate, it is already full and need to enjoy all what I have at hand now.

    That does not stop me from getting to hear and read about great motivators as him and apply some of his strategies, and the one I love most is “just do it” take Action” “make it happen” and so on.

    In the last year and half, a lot have changed in my way of living and working and especially working… it was the first time ever that I stopped and focused only on one business and wowowow, what a great feeling.

    I finally made Network Marketing my main professional biz and love it…

    It is so rewarding to be able to support people no matter at what level they are, and it is joyful to see them get out of their comfort zone and shine…

    We could not do it with out people like Brendon and others who made it much greater thank most of us.. they are the one who motivate us in some ways and I am happy it have motivated you as well.

    Thanks again for sharing and I wish you all the best in every way.
    Nick Catricala recently posted..Overcoming Pressure… the how-toMy Profile

    • Hi Nick…
      The point of the video was how you and I, and so many others are able to help others find their own way … with or without Brendons programs, or anyone elses’s we have talents that are unique and sharing them, like Brendon did to help that yound women find her voice.. is worth it all. He changed her life, just like you do … it’s a wonderful thing … thanks for the vusut and your comment ..

  4. Hi Lesly

    Stopping off for a quick update, glad I did!

    Great post, one we, i feel, stop and think of enough.

    For many of us, who are in some sort of MLM program, need to listen to that video in this post, great story, yeah, but the call to action at the end, that is what is reality now, And we have it in us to help so many.

    People in MLM often say, there are no leads, there are no prospects……

    A survey was recently done in wales (that lumb hanging off the left side of England) which said that 51% of the population say they are in some financial difficulty.

    So, if you speak to one guy, and they are doing fine, it is the next one that needs help!

    51% in financial trouble……

    To paraphrase a movie line…. I see broke people!

    And it is time we told them, there is a better way.

    Maybe that is our gift to the world, who is struggling, that there is a better way.

    posted By Jon Barry of

    Jon Barry @ Jon Barry’s Let’s Talk… recently posted..The Driving Force Behind FacebookMy Profile

    • Jon,
      What a great spin “I see broke people”.. there is a better way. In this day and age it’s creating, innovating for yoursel, working for yourself … and there are so many opportunities! So maybe it is our gift to share the knowledge – “I see successful people” and here’s why …. Thanks for the visit and your wonderful comment …

  5. Hi Lesly we know that we have gift that no one else have and the world will be a better place to live if we all share our gift to others. So let’s do it & than, others will follow. I love your post is simple truth we need to reminder our self. Give and share what we have freely receive.
    Helene Martin recently posted..How To Give Yourself A 900% RaiseMy Profile

    • Helene,
      Hello my friend… yes. We are social beings and sharing our gifts, our talents helps others to explore, discover, and share theirs… So.. let’s do it! Love having you visit.. thanks for the comment …

  6. Hi Lesly,

    Great video, yah..thanks for sharing :-)

    I remember I was in a situation as the speaker described about the lady who talked and talked and then she burst into tears because she don’t remember what she was going to say.

    The exact situation happened to me when I was 22 years old and that time for the first time in my life I was asked to go up the stage to deliver a presentation and write and draw as I present. Oh my, I started to burst into tears when I forgot everything and then I didn’t remember how I was able to put things together again but my tears never stopped. Now when I think back, I guess I was daring before than now because at least I finished the presentation while I was still in

    Pearly Quah recently posted..Prepare Kangen Water® Cuisine With Passion and PurposeMy Profile

    • Pearly …
      And what strength you showed! To carry on in spite of the fear and the tears… you have that memory, but you also have the memory that you got through it … many hugs to you :-)

  7. Hi Lesley,

    Hi Lesly (with a “Y” )

    Thanks for sharing this motivational post and video….

    Brendon is a very inspiring speaker with a great message.

    It is important for all of us to take stock of our personal inventory and to realize that we do all have unique gifts, talents and things that we can offer to others to enrich their lives.

    It may mean stepping out of “your comfort zone”, but that is often what separates the average from the successful and can make you stand out from the crowd.

    To your continued “awesome-ness”,
    Marc Korn recently posted..How To End Overwhelm With The Proper MentorshipMy Profile

    • Hey my Favorite Marc (with a c)

      This video inspired me to remember my own talents. We don’t usually stop to reflect on what they are .. I grew up in a generation where to compliment yourself was a selfish thing to do… so recognizing what you’re good at is important for self-growth and appreciation … very important …thanks for the visit and your comment as always :-)

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