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The Message of No.67

The message of No.67 embraces three words.


Let’s discuss and reflect on how you can implement these words and potential actions into your life.


You and I have reinvented ourselves throughout our lives. From choosing careers, marriage, parenting and more. We are constantly in flux, moving through life as best we can. And following our hearts and dreams – perhaps. But certainly dreaming of them deep within our minds.

Then our children grow-up, move out of a home we’ve created and in flows the famous “Empty Nest” phase of our lives.

What now?

I am a “Senior Citizen” everything seems to be coming to a close – especially me.

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What do I do for the rest of my life?

You can look at this in a different way. Perhaps thinking it’s a new beginning! It’s a clean slate room for fulfilling that dream or just creating a new one. There are so many options and opportunities to explore.

One thing that may get in the way is – confidence to start something new. Yet many women and men have stepped out to do just this – create a new life direction as they age.

Read this inspiring article: “3 Women Who Started a Business in their 50’s, 60″s and 70’s”



We always get ideas in our minds. But then they escape quickly and at times forgotten. Our ideas are based on our interests, our career dreams, or things we wanted to do or happen in our lives and not fulfilled.

As we age, we are not invisible. Although we often feel that way just by how we seem to be forgotten by family. As we age people we know, die. As we age the fear of ending up in aa assistant living home also hangs over our heads – for some.

I know I think about these things. But you have to change your thinking and become a “Pro-Age Advocate”

 As this article states – we can chose to be relevant and visible rather than quietly disappear

What can you innovate to breathe back life into your aging existence?

Your life is FULL of knowledge, life experiences, career experiences and more – how can you use these experiences to innovate something for yourself and for others?



There is joy in wrapping your arms around yourself and celebrating all that you’ve accomplished in the past into the future. To celebrate who you are, not hiding or quietly disappearing. But being on the front line of inspiring others to invest in themselves and their aging future.

Imagine how different your life will be.

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