3 Methods to Sell Products on Your Website

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Here’s 3 methods to Sell Products on Your Website.

I’m certainly familiar with this idea. I’ve created a few ebooks and they are displayed on Amazon. Amazon gets a percentage of each sale.

But greedy me (really?), wants ALL the money from my sales, and who doesn’t right?

I’m actually tired of  paying other platforms, helping them make money instead of making my own. It gets quite expensive when you add everything up. Why shouldn’t I or you make money from your blog, right?

So I’ve discovered a couple of ideas to set up shop on my blog which you can use too on your own website. Like anything else, a little set up is required. You can use both or just one.

They are:

  1. E-Junkie – is another website to store your product links on. They offer a free and paid subscription.
  2. Woocomerce – is a free plugin through WordPress.
  3. Box.com – a file storage platform.

Let’s talk about E-Junkie first.

E-Junkie has been around for years. In fact I used them 10 years ago, I think in 2000! Then I forgot about them until recently because I wanted to sell my products online from my blog.

The service they provide are storage of digital files that you sell to buyers. They provide a clickable link to the product to view or download once its been purchased.

How to use E Junkie

E-Junkie provides editable emails to send customers once there’s a purchase. An email will contain a link to the product, or will be an instant download.


WooCommerce is a plugin available on WordPress.


This plugin provides a complete process for purchasing a product. It integrates with PayPal and other payment platforms. It provides a smooth transition from a shop page to an order page. It’s simple to install and set-up, meaning adding your information to the sections provided to run the plugin correctly.

There are various extensions to the plugin you can purchase. But the basic plugin works fine without any of the extensions – subscriptions, memberships, coupons, and more.

For both programs it’s good to have another program that stores your files in a safe online environment.

Rather than share your digital files directly from your computer using a program like BOX provides a secure system. Links to your digital products can be downloaded from Box complete with passwords and download control options. A very smart and protected option for storing your digital files.


So. There are simple ways to set up shop on your website to generate sales where you’ll get 100% of the money! And that’s good news, yes? No? Yes?



  1. Very interesting article. Thank you

  2. Hi Lesly

    These are great ideas for selling your own products via your blog.
    It can get really complicated trying to duct tape all the software together,
    Here, though, you’ve given 3 very simple ways to just make it happen.
    I’ve used WooCommerce to set up ecom sites, and it’s really great.
    Will check into the other 2 options you’ve given, too.


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