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5 Creative Ways to Keep Visitors Coming Back

5 Creative Ways to Keep Visitors Coming Back to Your Blog

What if you kept your visitors coming back like Facebook, right? That’s what Facebook wants for sure. Of course, you’re not Facebook, but you can do things on your website, maybe not, (depending on the theme and your brand) to be different, hold visitors attention on your site, and have them become repeat visitors.

Remember the saying “Think Outside the Box”?

Sometimes you have to especially online. Most people when building a website discover functions they need to have. For example, a Landing Page. What do most people do? They look for a service off their website and pay another company to provide a landing page system.

Personally (my opinion) I think that’s not only a waste of money but worse – it takes your visitors away from your website to go to the other website for a landing page service.

Why do this when you want visitors to stay on your website? Well, that’s just how it is on the internet. Every website is competing for eyeballs to stay on their website. It’s a challenge for sure. And you and I have the same challenge.

Also it doesn’t help when you’re following what others are doing with their websites – it’s just more of the same. To do things differently is to tap in to our ability to transfer skills to different mediums.

Years ago I learned in a psychology class that being able to transfer a method, a skill, a tool to something else that would yield  the same result  was very insightful for me to learn. So I’ve always asked myself “What can this thing be used in a way that yiels a similar result”.

Looking for that perfect blog theme

This is “Thinking outside the box”.

So here are 5 creative ways to keep interest bubbling on your website:

First,  know the purpose of your website. Recently, I changed the theme of my blog – what you see currently because I want my visitors, you, to see what I’m involved with and be able to access it all at your own speed and interest.  After all, I am an affiliate marketer. What was is the image below. Great for having an artistic portfolio to show people, not great for getting a real “feel” for who I am and what I do – an artist, author, blogger.

I have changed the theme again from what you see here. As a blogger I found that as my interests changed so did my blog theme which is why it’s best (My opinion) to have your personal name as the brand. I will always be – Lesly Federici, right?

Lesly Federici

5 Creative ways ….

  1. You like the idea of putting inspirational quotes on your site. So, you look for a “Quote” plugin, which is what most people do. Why not turn a  “Super Testimonial” WordPress plugin into a rotating visual of your personal quotes or what ever you want (notice the upper right side of this page). This will add interest and because it’s motion it will take some time to read your message. Taking one thing you may already have and using it to do something else.
  2. Landing pages and funnels are important to use when building a business or promoting what you do. But why pay money for a third-party to provide the service? They’ll offer you a “Drag-n-Drop”, “Do-it-Yourself” program, right? Why pay them a monthly fee when you can invest in another WordPress plugin with “Drag-n-Drop” features. Create Landing Pages and funnels on your own website. This will save you lots of money – yes?
  3. Just about every website theme design has the navigation (Menu) bar at the top of the page. What if you moved it elsewhere, to the right or left side of your blog. This creates a different visual flow to your site – and your blog should have an easy flow to it. To do this just use the WordPress Navigation Widget.
  4. Now here’s something to think about. Teaching and creating courses where you can share your expertise and enlighten your visitors lives. But again, going to another platform to do this could be expensive. Create courses on your own website! You get the money not the third-party. Use the WordPress “LearnPress” plugin to create your own course. Here’s a course I created on how to do this and it’s free.
  5. Finding a website theme that has a “Sidebar” feature is a big plus. This would be called “Custom Sidebars” giving you the ability to change what shows up on what page. Even if you didn’t use the “LearnPress” plugin, you could still create a course or workshop using custom sidebears.

So. Take a look at your website theme. What features does it give you?  How can you use your plugins differently – if  at all. If you find your theme or even the website platform you’re using is too restrictive, it may be time for a change.

If you’d like help implementing some of these ideas, contact me.

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