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6 Peeks Into a Very Useful SEO Plugin – Rank Math

6 Peeks Into a Very Useful SEO Plugin – Rank Math,  can be enlightening!

Reviews are very helpful and I’ve wanted to do this one for some time, but wanted to try it first BEFORE writing anything about it.

Rank Math  (RM) is relatively new. It came out last year and has been growing in popularity. It was designed and created my My Theme Shop. 

RM is generous in SEO features and offers a free version as well as paid. It’s adaptable too, meaning if you’ve been using Yoast, you won’t lose any information as you can transfer the data from Yoast to Rank Math.

One of the features I like best about RM are the instant explanations, the little blue question marks next to an option – in case you didn’t know what it is (great for newbies to SEO).

So here’s an inside look.

6 Peeks Into Rank Math

1. There are 4 areas to explore and utilize: General, Advanced, Rich Snippet, and Social. Each one adds to the SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  ranking, “onsite” SEO ranking per post and page.

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6 Peeks into Rank Math


2. Rank Math will show you what’s missing and what you need to do to increase the post SEO rank. The GREEN checks tell me  so far so good. The faded red “X” below shows what needs to be done. If you’re not sure what RM means, there’s a tiny blue question mark to help understanding. Just scroll over it and a box will pop up explaining what it means.

6 Peeks Into Rank Math

3.RM breaks down each GENERAL section into smaller bits of information that’s easy to understand. There’s no guess work here. And if I needed more, in depth information, there ‘s a comprehensive knowledge base available to learn more. I also love the focus on using a positive or negative word in the “Title Readability” section. Emotions capture attention. It’s n excellent reminder the more emotional words used, the better.


6 Peeks Into Rank Math


4. In the SOCIAL section there’s an option to share on Facebook or Twitter.

6Peeks Into Rank Math


5. The ADVANCED section gives options to choose with those handy blue question marks to clarify what each option does.

6 Peeks Into Rank Math


6. When it comes to KEYWORDS and the post SEO ranking,  being in the GREEN is the best! I find I have to play around with my keyword match to the post. Rank Math gives suggestions, which helps. The ideal is to get 100% score, meaning everything is GOOD and ready to publish. If I get in the 70’s and 80’s that’s good, but still could be tweaked for the 100% (or closer to it).

6 Peeks Into Rank Math


Unlike SEOPressor, another plugin which I think is a good one as well.  But, when installed it pops out from the right side often getting in the way of post editor. It’s good with suggestions as well. I like Rank Math being at the bottom of your post so you can access it easily and does not interfere with the post or page editor.

I’m not an expert in SEO, but this plugin – Rank Math, can help any newbie blogger with the basics.

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