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8 Things You Shouldn’t Miss During Your Blogging Journey

Here are 8 Things You Shouldn’t Miss During Your Blogging Journey.

There are a lot of bloggers start their own blogs, pay for domain names, allocate hosting space and share its link everywhere, and unfortunately, they end by closing their blogs.

As matter of fact, online businesses are just like offline ones, you can’t just feel enthused to have a business and expect it to work. There are competitors in every field and you need to do the right things to be unique and to stand out of the crowd. The crowd who is already there standing on a solid ground before you think of it. Blogging is not an exception.

You have to do it with professionalism, even if it’s one of your side incomes. However, the hours you will dedicate to do it, you must do it right.

You should leave no stone unturned and give attentions to every tiny detail.

You might not be able to take care of everything at the beginning, but there are some of these things ranked as the most important, and you shouldn’t miss, I’d love to share them with you.

So, grab your coffee mug and let’s go through them:

Looking for that perfect blog theme

Have a clear vision, and plan as well:

Have a crystal-clear vision, what you want to do. Where you will be in the next couple of years (you can make it of 5 years), set up a plan to achieve your smart goals. How to get these goals achieved in details, dive in the details, what should be done, on yearly bases, monthly, till you reach your daily routine.

You will see the majority of the beginner bloggers complaining that they are not seeing results after only six months and asking for suggestions or recommendations. You will be shocked when you know that most of the questions are about the traffic generation, and the monetization. Their answers should be there in their feasibility study.

Most of them heard that blogging is one of the Making Money Online (MMO) careers, bought domains, hosting accounts, and changed their job positions on Facebook to CEO or Founder, and that’s all. Doing that with unplanned efforts with clear vision will not work at all, and no wonder why the results were disastrous, losing valuable time and money.

Being consistent and persistent  

As any job you might attend physically, you have to be there always, you shouldn’t attend only when you like to do. If you are doing it right, you are expected to have loyal readers who will come and check your new updates. If you have no fixed publishing schedule, why should them come to your blog if they don’t guarantee you have something new.  A buildup of visits by users without finding new updates will cost you a lot.

There are a lot of competitors doing the same things you do, and always have new updates on their blog. So, the readers will always prefer to go there.

Have a serious workplace

blogging workspace

Blogging is one of the laptop life-style jobs, as you can do it from any where in the world when you need to do. But it doesn’t mean that only need laptop for blogging. You should feel comfortable will all the needed tools, you will need a clean corner in your home for your desk, chair, laptop (or maybe a Chromebook), speakers, notes board, mobile holder, etc…

I know there are some people still to use desktops to do it, but the majority use the laptops.

Why to personalize that corner in home for work?

Working on your bed and among your family members will burn you, yes BURN you.

Your personal life and relationships shouldn’t be affected. As your family members are expecting your to be with them spending quality times, and that’s their right. You will also need it. So, enjoy it, work only for specific hours daily in your workspace and tell them your schedule.

Live where your fans do

Your fans should be your source of inspiration, mingling with your fans and knowing what they are looking for, their questions, and their concerns, all that will help you provide great content that rocks. You will find them in:

You will also stay up-to-date with your niche trends.

This way, you will guarantee the maximum engagement a blogger can get. You will also build your loyal empire, that will be easily and legally monetized.

Surround yourself with folk having the same mindset

However, we are living in the digital age, still there are a lot of people who are not convinced in making a penny online. When you talk to them, they will make you feel that you are wasting your time, and that you don’t want to face the real-life responsibilities. These negative people will affect you somehow.

Plain talking, it is your fault.

Even your family members couldn’t believe you can make living blogging. You yourself wouldn’t before reading that amount of knowledge and case studies online. Of course, you won’t force them to read all that.

At the moment, you should avoid talking in this topic with those who will discourage you.

Find people who share you the same mind-set and be close to them. You will share thoughts organize events and support each other by all different means.

 Do excellent keyword research

The competition is tough. With millions of blogs out there, you have to get your ways to put the word out and to get different sources of traffic. One of these important sources is Search Engines (SE’s). Yes, there are millions every day searching for answers to their questions, and looking for solutions.

But, getting your posts up there in the first page of Google with the related terms is hard.

So, Google should see advantages on your website over the others.

I know you will say that you already know what your fans are looking for now and assuming that you are writing excellent posts on those topics, but do you know the exact terms they are typing in search engines? Unfortunately, the answer is: No ☹

You should do good keyword research and try to get your posts around these keywords and their related semantic terms. There are a lot of on-page optimizations factors, but it starts always at researching for good longtail keywords.

Have more joy, and let your readers feel it.

Blogging as I always say is not an ordinary job in which you repeat the same routine.

You have always to be creative.

To do so, you should do it with comfort, high energy and enthusiasm.

Your productivity will be high that way and getting out of the box will be much easier.

8 Things You Shouldn’t Miss During Your Blogging Journey 3

Your fans also don’t like to read the technical things all the time. Share them also with:

  • Some everyday life activities.
  • Roundup posts
  • Events related to your niche.
  • New personal achievements.
  • Guest posts
  • Reviews

It is also about the positive tone of success you will then convey to your visitors. They came to you dreaming of success and the road maps that you will show to them, and they would love to see the success with all its aspects, and you will show them a real copy of what it looks like.

Your readers will love to read the positives of your journey.

If you feel that you are fed up, skip it that day.

Write when your mood is good. Otherwise your readers will feel the negative tone everywhere in your post and the post will not be pleasant when you read it later.

I don’t say you should not talk about the negatives, problems and mistakes, but we should put them after being sorted out and how there were resolved, when your mode is at least OK.

Never give up

All the nice achievements need your hard work, and the other two warriors should be at your back, time and patience. Blogging is not an overnight mission. It needs the dedication of your efforts and leaving no stone unturned and you can do it. But, always remember that, there is nothing worse than quitting easily. You have to fight for your goals.


Final words

I know that is not all that can be said in this context, however I gave you here the most important and common things that you shouldn’t miss in your blogging journey, and it is your turn now to let us know if I have dropped something very important from your point of view in the comment box 🙂

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