The Artistic Affiliate

Hey there . . . Nice to see you here!

I am the “The Artistic Affiliate” because I have a strong interest in art and being creative online. . It also encompasses all that I am affiliated with – art, coaching, even affiliate marketing, and promoting affiliate products.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]What ever your life career may be, you are always changing it. For me I went from being a career RN (Registered Nurse) to an internet coach, author, and affiliate marketer.[/tweet_box]


My life career was/is an RN. Life changes and as I age towards “retirement”, life and career interests changes too. So there’s life and a whole new world for me after 67!

So … by nature I am an eclectic person – having lots of interests. Most likely so do you, Yes?

Webster’s Dictionary defines “Affiliate” as such:

Definition of affiliate

transitive verb

1to bring or receive into close connection as a member or branch The medical school is affiliated with a hospital.
2: to associate as a member affiliates herself with the local club

I am indeed affiliated with many things, not just one. So I embrace this word to encompass all that I’m involved with.

The “Artistic” part of my business title has to do with my personal art work and viewing being online as an art in itself.

A lot of creativity goes into creating blogs, content, promotions etc. I like to indulge in thinking creatively, using programs I have to do other thugs such as design my own workshops here on my website (which you can do too). And, without going to a third party to do so – paying them instead of me, or you, right?

So I’m affiliated with:

  • Blogging, (set up, blog UX)
  • Web design
  • Promoting digital products I have personally used and recommend
  • Childbirth Education (because I have taught it for over 21 years and want to teach it the correct way outside a hospital environment).
  • Health and Wellness promotion,  providing a home based business (because I am an RN and wellness is a BIG deal to master).
  • Creating ebooks and videos
  • Creating my art

You and I are always reinventing our lives in one form or another, right? We are always learning too. And when it comes to being online, there’s a tremendous amount of information on anything and everything! Just depends what you’re looking for. And  at the age of 65 I’m reinventing myself , morphing my life skills into a “digital” life online – all good.

If you’re a blogger or want to start one but confused about what, where, and how, I share a lot of info you may find helpful. I encourage you to message me with any questions you may have about blogging and I’ll reply – no fee.

I love learning new things . Currently I’m very interested in UX (User Experience) in regards to blogging. Many of the concepts in UX design can be applied to blogging and should be because today, it’s all about the user (the viewer or the visitor to your website).

As my site grows, there will be more information about UX  as it applies to blogging because this is the direction the internet is going with websites, personal or business. Understanding and implementing UX on your website will make your site more valuable and the search engines will love it 🙂

Right now I’ll share a bit about me …

It’s been a long journey filled with pockets of personal reinventions from artist to Art Gallery Owner. To losing my eyesight to marriage and being a mom. To restarting a career as an RN (Registered Nurse) to becoming an educator because I could no longer work clinically as an RN. To now, honoring what I have long suppressed – coming back to creating art as an “Empty Nestor” – full circle. A-n-d helping people with blogging.

So what does an Empty Nestor do? Reinvent oneself and reclaim a part of life that was on hold but not lost.

I’ve been online since 1998! Hard to believe, I know. The internet saved me because my life changed drastically losing my eyesight. It gave me hope and the opportunity to connect with others in the online world.

I grew-up with WordPress and blogging. I’ve had numerous websites (my very first one was a childbirth education site) focusing on specific interests enough to make me CRAZY maintaining all of them!

advocate having ONE website ( if possible) embracing all interests – which makes for a full story of who I am. Not to mention the reduced stress! In fact, I advocate this for ALL on social media platforms” One Fan Page, One Pin board (if you can) because LESS is MORE and SANE!

I’ve had numerous blog themes too, free and paid. Some good, a lot bad especially when it came to support.  Through my trial and error experience I only use one website theme company now – My Theme Shop. They offer a variety of themes and the support is excellent.

For 4 years I was CEO of an online blogging community . We had bloggers who wrote on a monthly basis and got paid. It was a great experience and taught me a lot about being an editor. But I left that experience to pursue personal creative interests like creating ebooks, showing others how to make them , copy-writing, and creating my own graphics. That’s where the “Artistic Affiliate” comes in. My new “Art Gallery” is online.


Our lives are busy and perhaps complicated raising a family, looking for work, and being online online with a website, creating a blog. Right? I have solutions and can help you sort it all out.

I know there are MANY, oodles of people trying to figure out this blogging thing, where to start, how to set things up, what to write, how often to create content.. and so on that they want the help but don’t know where to go – except for the search engines, right?

Look around and if you’d like to just reach out  to me
please do!