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AI Mastery Program Review  – it’s an Educational Journey

Now. Let’s all come down to earth. You may or may not remember when the computer became available  for the first  time in the early 1990’s. Or, when the first mobile phone  surfaced to the general public – again in the early, mid 1990’s. And today it’s our way of life! If you have neither your life will be more frustrating because computers and cell phones are part of how we live our lives today.

About a month ago,  I sat in n on a free, short seminar hosted by Billy Gene. It was on AI. It was the first of its kind being promoted – that I noticed. It was very interesting. He had two very interesting guests – Sean Vossler who is a founder/partner of “Jasper” – which has been around for a while that uses AI. The other guest was Walter O’Brian who was an eyepopping, knowledgeable man on AI and all the things he has witnessed, developed using AI. I wanted to know more but not excited about spending thousands to go to Billy Gene’s full seminar.

So then I saw advertised on Facebook an educational program “AI Mastery”. I signed up for it (reasonably priced) and got the BEST education that I wanted.

Between a month ago and now there has been a flurry of AI programs flooding Facebook, affiliate marketing programs – well it’s been nuts. You see, if you really want to learn about AI and how to use it properly, NONE of these advertised programs teach you the how. But Chaigpt AI Mastery does.

Did you know:

  • When you do a search or research on a topic, AI pulls from ALL  global internet searches on that topic. It pulls from Wikipedia for example.
  • Not all of the AI searches are correct. So a human (like me and you) will need to edit what AI gives tou.
  • A prompt is the magic of AI. What you ask it to find depends solely on how you ask the question. AI is only as good as your question and how you ask it. Bow this where the magic comes in. AI Mastery teaches yo how to write good prompts!
  • If you  ask AI or rather Chatgpt write “As If”  someone you like . For instance Tony Robbins, AI will write in that tone of writing – as if it were Tony Robbins. .  I’ve done this! Check out this post  written “As If” me on the topic of blogging, which I also had to edit.
  • AI is not 100% correct. You’ll need to do some editing

All this and more I learned from AI Mastery. Before you just jump in to use AI, you have to LWARN about it. It will make you a better partner using AI / Chatgpt. Yes, I said partner. It only responds, reflects what YOU give it.

Learning how to write  good prompts AI Mastery spends a lot of time on. There specific structures and tips to know – which can set you apart from others using Chapgpt.

SPEED is the love potion of AI

Because we live in the age of instant gratification, most of us want it yesterday, and we are SCABBERS when reading anything on the internet. So speed is seductive. AI / Chatgpt gives you instant speed.

What is speed good for?

  • faster results
  • Cuts out a middle man – this is why some jobs as we know them may become obsolete
  • Can waken  writers block
  • Can write a book
  • Can be the go-to business solution for getting things done instead of hiring out  to get it dne. This depends on the program using AI
  • And so much more ….

The other day I woke up Microsoft Bing updating and introducing Chatgpt – which it owns now.  So if you want a taste of what Chatgpt does fo to Bing Chat.

We are living in a new era. AI is here to stay. Learn how to use it with AI Mastery before you start buying programs that can leave you scratching your head.

Got questions? Comment below and I’ll get back to you!

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