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AI Painless Marketing  Speeds Up Your Efforts

AI  is significant, very. It’s our future, now. AI has the potential to change everything we do online. There has been a FLOOD of AI tools to help businesses and blog owners with a variety of marketing tasks,

Let me start off by saying this: AI use is only as good as what YOU ask it to do.


The essence of AI is speed and it’s ability to scan the internet for the relevant content I ,or you may seek.

I  know from personal experience the time it takes to write content for your blog / website. I know how time consuming it is to create and maintain a blog. But when new (or not so new because AI has been around for years) technology makes its way to the public masses there’s a flurry of action, creativity, concern, promotion, and naysayers.

However, we move and grow with the times, right?


I have tested and used CHATGPT

There’s nothing to fear. Why? Because YOU control how you use it. I work WITH AI. That’s the secret.

Yes. I was  spooked at first.  But, like many of us I get spooked by some information I know NOTHING about!  This is an example of ignorance on my part. However, I was curious. And it’s been floating around on social media like crazy.

I wanted to find out why it’s so significant and why it will change our future as we know it now.

So. I paid for two programs. One was a 5 day marketing crash course using AI by Billy Green. The other was “AI Mastery” which is VERY good and very informative. Here’s the link to it – and yes, I liked it so much I became an affiliate.

I strongly suggest LEARNING about CHATGPT first before you use it.  You can go here to play with it and see how it works. Educate yourself first before you do! Why? Because it has recently become accessible to the public for the first time as CHAPGTP through a program called Opeb AI.

Interestingly, I thought AI would control me in some way, eliminate jobs as we know them (over time) and instead I got a better understanding of AI and how it works.

  • most of the data AI spits out is a vast collection of internet searches, wikipedia, and sources like this
  • a human, like me or you, has to direct AI or Chapgpt  through concise, specific,  clear prompts that AI can respond to – very interesting.
  • AI can only do/learn what a human, like me or you, request it to do.

For example, when our cell phones are not in use, it does nothing. But when we turn it on and direct it to do something, check mail, do a search – THAT’S AI! AI is around us now!

The AI Mastery program is very comprehensive. I learned how to create specific, detailed  prompts to request and receive the information I wanted.

What we create for our blogs to get the word out about what  we want to share  – emails, videos, images etc,, are called assets.

AI Painless Blog Marketing

Think about all you create – it takes time! AI speeds up the production of any asset. Most of us who spend time on the internet are “SCANNERS” We are used to the behavior of “get it done fast”, scan the information. So AI creates info very, very fast. I like it.

BUT! You’ll still  need to tweak it so what ever you’re writing sounds like you.

One reason AI is such a big deal is  it’s FAST! Speed is an issue for businesses and a host of other things and I can get answers to a question in seconds. Fast it may be, but one concern though, is changing of the workforce as we know it now – will some jobs become extinct?

AI can be used for a variety of things

  • Real Estate Marketing
  • Create images – depending on the AI program and topic
  • Business offer ideas
  • Business marketing
  • How to create something
  • Research
  • Blog content
  • Idea generation – it’s a GREAT tool for jogging your mind to help you get ideas to write about
  • Writing emails
  • Creating Ads with images
  • Creating websites

And so, so much more ..

It is concerning since AI is part of the now robot industry. You know that robot that cleans the floors in a home? That’s powered by AI. As the robot industry grows, many jobs will disappear.

But let’s think about this – if you want to start a business you can do everything you need with AI. And that’s the magic word – with. Because, you partner with AI. It doesn’t control you, you control it. And LOTS of new AI tools are being released now.

The AI Mastery program is very comprehensive. I learned how to create specific, detailed  prompts to request and receive the information I wanted.

So. Explore AI. Be part of now and the future. Got questions? Comment below and I’ll reply.

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