Blog Eye Review Shows What Not To Do

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Blog Eye Review Shows What Not to Do

And some Helpful suggestions

With every blog, mine included there are challenges.  The first is thinking about a blog as an online asset. First impressions matter even with a website.

Online Real Estate

Like any business (because if you want to promote, sell, and so on …) your blog is a business. It is considered online Real Estate, an asset that hopefully you own. You don’t own free blogging/website platforms. The company owns you – take a few moments to think about that!

To own your asset, you need to pay a yearly fee to a website hosting company. I’ve used Dreamhost for over ten years. They’re great. Once you do that you get access to the WordPress platform through the hosing company. Once you’ve done this, the fun begins – building a presence online.

Challenges Starting Out

It’s my opinion that a domain name should be your personal name. There’s a couple of reasons for this.

  1. Visitors learn to know your name. YOU are your brand.
  2. Your interests may change and what you want to promote.  Your name does not change. You DO NOT want several websites to manage! It’s crazy and time consuming.

Another challenge is where to get ideas for content? There are many!

  1. Social Media
  2. – a question and answer platform
  3. – a question and answer platform
  4. Created videos you’re interested in and write about them
  5. You have to GENERATE interest in others to attract traffic to your website.

Ok. Now For a Blog Review and Suggestion’s

The website is

There’s lots to comment on and it’s a good website to learn from. First and immediately on the opening page there is no menu.

Why Visitors Run From Your Blog


First, there is no menu. Menu on the home page will also show up on all pages and posts. A menu show what this blog is about and topics that can be explored. . Since there is no menu, I’m just going to leave because I don’t get the impression that this is a serious blogger. Visual first impressions count!

The logo is very hard to read. Yes, it’s bold. But layering a script font right over a different font is difficult to read.  Better to have a clearer designed logo that’s easy to read. Google considers “readability” which is part of SEO.

Reading the text. Honestly, I didn’t read any of it because it hurt my eyes. Why? It’s well known that people scan content. If the text is in one huge block with no breaks, people will not read it. Having a paragraph with two to three sentences is best. Then create the next paragraph. Again, this is an SEO “readability” element.


Why Viewers Run From Your Blog


Nowhere did I get a sense of what this blog was about. I think it’s a person who wants to promote products. Here’s the real turn-off. No where is the owner of this blog is a name. And THIS was a real turn-off. What do you think?


Why Visitors Run From Your Blog


I’ve never seen this before, website “staff” So who is this guy and what are his intentions? If you click on his video, again he doesn’t identify who he is. So. I think he’s a “wanna be” affiliate marketer sharing a website that has no real value to others. To the author yes but not to visitors. There’s nothing that attracts viewers TO his website…

This Website Shows Plenty of What NOT to Do
Here Are Suggestions TO Do

  • Have a menu with topics/interests you want to share with others.
  • Identify yourself.t People want to know who is the owner of the blog.
  • Use short paragraphs for easy reading.
  • Think of your viewers and what THEY need and are interested in.
  • Create a readable logo.

First impressions still matter. Take time to plan, organize, and present your blog visually with care while keeping your visitors in mind.,

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