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Before I discuss a few things about this website’s homepage, let me just explain why I do website reviews.

In this day and age, anybody who has a website has virtual “Real Estate” online. The focus of any website depends on the owner and what they want to share an promote to viewers.

And it’s exciting to come across a visually bold website focused on the housing market!

So I can see a few things that could cleanup the homepage and give it an even BOLDER statement. However, I don’t know what website theme is being used which can dictate what you can do with it.

Let’s start here:

  • The use of  social media icons.  There are several of them as you peruse the website. The floating social media icons get in the way of reading what’s on the page. And there is a horizontal set as well on the  articles.  One is all you need.  At the bottom of the page, are social media icons that come with the theme.  SUGGESTIONdelete the floating social media icons. This will clean up your homepage visually.
  • Images. As you scroll down the homepage you’ll see 2 featured  images, side by side, and then a blank spot. Then just under these two images there’s another one just below. SUGGESTION:  To make the homepage look finished and well planned, having three images in a row will visually look more organized , finished an meat. BUT! Having said this, plugins on this website could be distorting the homepage.
  • The Header. It’s unorganized.  The search box would be better placed on the side bar.. Could the title be centered? This could space out in a neater way the navigation menu. Again, is this the theme layout? Or is crowding the header making it look not centered. Or did the owner decide on this .
  • Images (again). As you scroll down, you’ll see a few images of homes lined up – GOOD! No empty spaces – but they are not unified. Meaning, the images are not the same size. There is a plugin called “Regenerate Thumbnails” which will correct the sizes meant for this theme to the correct uniformed size.

So, who am I to do a random review of a website/blob?  Just someone who has been blogging since 1998 and learned much about blogging. I am a blog fixer. I like to help people with there blogs  and educating them about “Blog UX”. “UX is all about the user experience. We create blogs to share what we know or want to promote, but our blogs are really for people who come to see what we offer. Keeping them in mind is the priority.

So I am just someone who likes to help website owners to visually put their best “foot” forward.

Got questions? Comment below, and thanks for reading!

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