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Over the years blogs have transformed into being one of the best ways to capture a viewer’s interest and perhaps become a customer.

More and more companies are adding blogs to their websites. Why? Because it’s a way for people to learn about the company before they buy anything from them.

Blogs are able to educate their viewers, share their mission,  as well as promote their services and products. And if a viewer likes what they see and read , they share on social media.

Today, people want to know what and who they are buying from. Blogs offer that information.

So the common questions I often here is “How often should I blog” , “Where do I get content” and so many more questions. So Blog Eye is here to help you if needed.


Yes, content is important. What’s even MORE important is how your blog/website visually LOOKS! That’s right!

If you have a visually messy, confusing blog, viewers will leave! You don’t want that

. I offer website reviews for just $10.00.

How a viewer experiences your blog visually  is part of blogging. Abd I know you understand this because you have viewed other sites where you got frustrated, impatient, and left, right?

Things like:

  • Colors
  • Unorganized navigation
  • Text size and font style/color
  • Theme layout
  • Cluttered
  • Quality of images
  • Poor readability

And more …

Interestingly, I know you have a personal style in mind which is okay. But many times it gets cluttered with things you don’t need like calendas, etc. This makes your blog all about you and what YOU like. For a good successful blog you need to think about viewers. Less is more, simple but strong.

Review my post on your “Blog Level” to really think about what you want to accomplish with your blog.

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