Brief Review of Current Video Editing Programs

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Brief Review of Current Video Editing Programs Being Promoted.

And these would be:

Mega Videobot

Video Remix

Both of these software programs are flying around the internet like killer bees competing for your eyeballs.  There is ONE video software program which shines above these by a million stsars – but I’ll tell you in just a bit.

First I want you to save your money

Both of these programs promise extraordinary features, templates, graphics and the ability to share, sell, and build a business online.  But honestly, I think they were build for the developers, not the user.

If you’re looking for an easy to use video creation program, my opinion, these are not. Especially if you’re just starting out with video.

Mega Videobot

First, this is a downloadable program to your computer. I don’t know how you feel about this, but I rather NOT have a downloadable software program if possible. Once you open it up the screen is a deep, dark purple, with some black text. I found this to be really obnoxious – especially if you have eyesight problems. You also have to download content.  I found the directions to start a project awkward and jumping around to start creating one. It’s not an easy, straight forward video creation program.I did purchase this with the hopes of using it but requested a refund the next day.

Video Remix with AI

I was SO overwhelmed with this program! The content, the training videos, the steps to start creating a video were massive. Truthfully, I think I would need a week to read everything and understand it all. If you have the time to invest to look over everything, go for it. I had a secong of “Oh wow, that’s interesting” because of the AI addressing me by name when logging in. Again, I think this was created for developers and the creators – not the basic user. I asked for a refund and quickly got it.

So why did I pursue considering a new video program. Because, technology changes. And, video is necessary now days. More people are watching videos than reading. I want to find programs I can celebrate and share. The two above, I don’t think so.

There are two I consider the BEST so far: Camtasia and CreateStudio (I am an affiliate for this one). Camtasia is awesome. It doesn’t provide templates but it has a loy of features to enhance a video. It’s alsp laid-out in an organized manner. Which I like.

However, here’s what I think is the jewel so far. Why? Because of the training!  And the templates and the variety of animations, graphics, texts all with training.

So you have to see for yourself.

Anyway, this is my 2 cents input, brief feedback on video programs.

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