Create a Digital Product Store on a Blog Page

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Create a Digital Product Store on a Blog Page

Once you get to know me, get familiar with my posts, you’ll see that I favor saving money on the internet. Meaning, not buying programs you think you need and don’t. When you understand what exactly you want to do, figure out the how, and what WordPress can do for you.

Yes. The WordPress platform and dare I say – plugins (some).

For This Post Discussion It’s About Ignoring WooCommerce

Why? It costs money and they have numerous plugins to add to your website that can screw up how your website functions.

So. If you’re interested in selling digital products, please read this post about E-Junkie first. E-Junkie is a great solution and hassle free in setting up a platform to sell your products. It’s low cost and they have been around for years – credible and stable. I do not recommend using their plugin.  It’s better to go  their website.

The other reason to use E-Junkie, is when promoting your digital products, traffic comes to YOUR website. That’s what you want. Promotion and selling from your website

What to Do Next

Once you create your e-junkie account and add your products on their website. Then you create a page ( not a post) on your blog to promote and sell products connecting directly to the E-Junkie product link and to PayPal. Watch the video for directions.



If you have any questions, reach out to me or comment below.

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