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Do this with your business – or not.

If you think about it, doing business with other people hasn’t really changed much through the years.

Even in spite of all the technology today – computers, the internet, gadgets like the  iPad, iPod, and iTunes, people pretty much have remained the same. Basically we LOVE to connect and to feel important. Gadgets can’t do that. Nope.

Sure, we may be living longer and getting a “gold watch” when we retire has long past.  Today, there is no more company loyalty and changing jobs several times in ones lifetime is very common these days.

More and more people are starting their own home businesses and having to learn how to run one – which includes “selling” their product or service.

Many business owners seem to put more focus on pushing the product than building relationships which can turn into potential clients.  I was guilty of this years ago when I felt I had to talk about the product first before I even said hello to a potential customer! Wrong approach.

There are human values that have been passed down through generations which are also GOOD business practices. Often these are overlooked. Such as:

  • caring about people
  • being interested enough to ask
  • word of mouth
  • like attracts like
  • building relationships
  • returning a favor to someone who did you one
  • appreciation and respect
  • being remembered
  • saying thank you and welcome
  • listening

You might even think of a few that aren’t mentioned here.

Business interactions can change if we incorporate these values. You might think of being a “consultant” instead of one who “sells” or pushes product to others, which by the way is a major turn-off.

When I first started online, I absolutely dreaded “selling” to people. Especially on the internet – in fact it was REALLY challenging because talking to people on the internet, even through “social” media, was very isolating. Trying to connect  with someone was like placing an ad in the newspaper and getting no response.

Yet, when you take a “consultative” stance to help someone by providing solutions to their problems, your product becomes a non-issue. Making the connection first is vital.

Just the other day I helped someone wearing my “consultant” hat. Because I re-framed “selling” to a consultant position, I had a better experience with this potential client, who by the way, became a customer.

What’s that old saying “You catch more flies with honey.” Who ever said that knew what they were talking about. Reaching out to others and listening to them can be a gold mine.

Use yourself as an example … how do YOU like to be approached? Wouldn’t you rather have someone be honestly interested in you and your challenges? Who would you respond to, the person that pushes product, or the one that takes the time to listen, know you, and make suggestions for solutions.

Being online and promoting what you do is all about engagement and reaching out to others. It’s staying in the minds of others, As I write this, I know U have to get better at reaching out. It takes a mindset flip from thinking people will come to me on their own. No. You have to reach out to others so people get to know you.

Part of running a business always includes marketing. And what is that exactly? Just sprinkling what you do, who you are in various ways:

  • daily posts
  • hangouts
  • using social media
  • webinars
  • commenting on blogs

Sure, it takes work. But the results will be grand. 🙂

Be a friend, not a seller. The sales will follow all on their own.


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