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Engage or Die Said A Traffic Muse

Engage or die said a traffic muse as I pondered my blogging success.


It started when I read Robert Iger, Disney’s CEO, state “Innovate or Die”. What?

As I tossed this statement around in my head I thought, you know – he’s right. Technology is way ahead of what we humans can digest and understand as fast. It’s like the “Turtle and the Hare” story. The rabbit is lightning fast like technology as the turtle waddles along finally catching up and wins.

But I don’t see a winner, beating technology, outsmarting it. I just see us humans trying to catch up. But there are things we can do, like feeding our brains with education. Learning what we can grasp, understand and use. Naturally, this depends on the individual and their interests. And now the catch-up challenge is compounded even more with AI (Artificial Intelligence).


So what does this have to do with blogging?

Well, WordPress threw in Gutenberg – a new blogging editor based on creating drag and drop “blocks” of content to create and style your blog posts and pages. I guess I’m a dinosaur because I use the now (soon to be ancient because of technology) that’s been the platform for years – the  Classic WordPress Blogging editor. It is the new trend of blogging using a block design. Okay – I’ll get to using it soon.

Looking for that perfect blog theme

Hey, but what about what I’m using now! How do new bloggers the “Newbie” just tapping into blogging grasp all there is about just creating a blog post choose Gutenberg or stick with the Classic editor. That’s going to be a huge learning curve.

It’s trial and error and most likely some newbie bloggers or seasoned end up learning on their own without support. And perhaps  even giving up because blogging and everything it entails can be daunting and overwhelming.

So the muse hit me.

What to do. How can I help bloggers? I’ve been online since 1998, Surely my blogging experience can help, right?

Bloggers, especially new bloggers need help. Millions of bloggers  are at the bottom of the sea. Yet they all have passions to share. They all want people to visit their blogs and learn about their passions, learn what they have to say and share. Yet most are still at the bottom of the see.


There are numerous reasons:

  • Using free blogging platforms
  • Not understanding  SEO (Search engine optimization), or how to use it
  • Not creating content with the user/visitor in mind
  • Not sharing their content often enough
  • Not commenting on OTHER blogs
  • Not reaching out to other bloggers or people in general
  • Expecting visitors to just come to their blog
  • Link dropping their blog posts in social media groups expecting to attract visitors
  • Lack of confidence


With Google’s newest algorithm E. A. T. (Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthy)  how bloggers present themselves with content that’s geared towards the visitor/user is what Google is looking for and rewarding. Google is looking for QUALITY content that USERS want, that answer their searches.

Ok, I get that. But where does a new blogger or even a seasoned one begin to make changes to roll into Google’s new standards.

1.Mindset is the first shift to explore

Which Box are you

Drawing by Lesly Federici (c) 2020


The above image shows two ways of behaving on the internet with a blog. That of an “Introvert” on the left. And an “Extrovert” on the right.

The introvert is excited, enthusiastic about their passion and writes about it from an internal point of view. The blogger knows and understands what they’re writing about.

They even know that they want to build a mailing list and create an offer to attract subscribers. But the invitation says something like this: “Sign-up for my Newsletter”, or “Don’t miss out on updates” or “Free PDF Download” (but they don’t say what the PDF is about).

It’s a “closed” blog.  The blogger assumes visitors will understand their content and be attracted to their ADs and sidebar offers.  No outreach, no comments, no traffic. MANY blogs on the internet are presenting like this.

The Extrovert has a different approach. They share their passion differently. Content is created for the user. What that looks like is usable content: Lists, teachings, how-to, instructions a visitor could follow. PDFs with explanation of content, quizzes, videos, content is shared more often, etc.

They write more in-depth content and credit where they do their research (Trustworthy). The blog is more outgoing and provides valuable “Authority” content attracting visitors to them because the blogger is solution oriented for visitors.

How to Change Blog Presentation

  • Blogging is not about you anymore, it’s all about the user. Companies are scrambling to create more user friendly, valuable content which is why knowing WHO you want to attract is more important now.
  • Practice being an extrovert. How? Doing practice videos. There are so many ways to make videos and you don’t even have to be in them.
  • Question what you write about. Ask  “how does it help my visitors?”, “Is this useful?”, “Does it provide a solution?”
  • Research your audience. If your passion is health, you don’t want to focus on cars – UNLESS it’s relevant to health in some way.
  • Go deep with your articles, meaning be more detailed, explain more, provide examples, teach!
  • Review how your blog looks visually. This is really important. If it’s too confusing you’ll lose a visitor


2. Starting out small to be more outgoing

The common complaint about blogging is – ready? You know it. It’s traffic! Yet traffic is everywhere.

Traffic is generated by the blogger!

Of course it is and yet it remains the #1 complaint. As is traffic mysteriously appears towards the blog. Nope. So when the muse hit me I had an idea. To help bloggers generate traffic AND increase engagement on their websites.


My first concept is reinforcing the fact that all bloggers ARE traffic generators! Simply because they created a blog and it’s up to the blogger how much effort goes into it which relates to how much interest and desire to share with people worldwide.

Traffic Generator

So I created a program – The Daily Blog Share Inner Circle.

The Daily Blog Share is a general Facebook Group. Bloggers drop their blog post links in the group and disappear. No engagement. There are numerous groups on Facebook and on other social platforms that have thousands of bloggers all doing the same thing. What’s the point?

So the “Inner Circle” is just for those bloggers who are more serious about growing their blogs and generating traffic to it.

The Benefits of the Inner Circle

  • It restores interest in the blogger to write posts (1 post per week keeps a blog alive)
  • Comments on blog posts are more intelligent, not spam-my
  • Progress is measured by a point system which demonstrates the bloggers motivation and interest
  • Bloggers become more outgoing
  • Members become more confident in their blogging skills and engagement
  • Learning more in-depth topics on blogging
  • Blogging support and assistance

Sometimes you just have to reach-out and make a difference. I believe this can work, BUT it relies on the members and how much participation there is.

We’re only in week 2, but as one member says:

“After just one week in the program I’m already feeling more positive about my blog and have started getting sensible comments instead of just spam. It’s good to make contact with other like-minded bloggers in the program.” – Joy Healey

Start small and grow. .. it’s limitless.

I love blogging. So many things you can do with it, But one needs to be comfortable with morphing into an extrovert. And this happens, through trial and error, over time.

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