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Follow your intuition. Now, I’m not an expert, but let’s just say I know what I like.

I’ve developed this attitude over the years  and it serves me well following my intuition and experience. It’s never let me down.


Because I’ve been online sine 1998 – yep. I’ve seen a lot of changes. Especially with using as a blogging platform over the years up to now..

When I started to blog, the very first platform I used was Homestead, now owned by Quick Books I believe. It was a “do-it-yourself”, drag and drop program – I loved it, and it wasn’t free. I used them for 10 years.

I did try platforms such as eBlogger but found them to be very “set” in their theme styles, meaning you  were limited in changing things around/

When web 2.0 came, the introduction of Social Media, etc., I changed to owning my blog because I had more design options and wasn’t  limited to what I could present on it – that was 2005.  The investment was/ is worth it.

Alright, so I owned my own blog, now what! Right? I KNOW this is a thought that pops into every bloggers mind, especially if you’re new to blogging. For me, I hated to write!

Lucky for me though, I had kept a journal of my life since the age of 16. So writing wasn’t foreign to me. So I started writing about me *boring). Then I started writing about Social Media (boring and a waste of brain cells because EVERYONE was writing about it).

Then I created a blog called the “Calm RN” writing about health and some inspiration – that one had potential. But like most bloggers starting out, I’d write a post then nothing for weeks. Sound familiar?

I had a radio show blog, a childbirth education blog, and more.

The thing is, when you start out with blogging, you go through a learning process. It’s like being in a candy store – eating different candies to find that sweet, perfect, Ah … yummy one.

But, the best tool I used as a new blogger, even now is my intuition. Following my heart. You know, that little voice inside your head that says YAY or NAY, right?

I think new bloggers starting out have to go through a learning curve because without this experience, you don’t discover who you are and what you really want to focus on in presenting yourself to a billion viewers on the internet – your intuition will guide you. It’s your BFF!

Once I went trough all of this too, I was able to fall back on a strong interest of mine. It took really looking at what I like, don’t like, how to be different, and what SKILLS I could bring to my readers. All by listening to the voice within me.


Go With What You Want
Illustration by Lesly Federici

We ALL have skills, things that are special about us and usually never cultivate. My skills were/are teaching, painting, and organizing. So I created “The Artistic Affiliate” – there is an ART to being online involving marketing, social engagement, advertising, presenting visual content and lots, lots, lots. The Internet is a vast sea of cultivating blogging skills and information.

My best educator, and still is are other blogs – the “professional” ones – the likes of Eban Pagan, Frank Kern, Jeff Bullas, Robin Sharma. So ezines too – Fast Company, Entrepreneur and so on. There are so many to learn from – how they present their content and how it’s organized.

Nowadays, we no longer really blog for ourselves. We really blog for others hoping a visitor will find us and read our content. So it’s true about first impressions and your blog is your “house” online. Therefore how do you want to present your home to a billion+ visitors.

Many bloggers starting out choose a blogging theme they think is “cool”, or “pretty”, stylized fonts and other interesting elements to use – I know, I did this too! But I find what is overlooked, or never aware of  – are the visual layouts, or presentation of content that are “cool” to you, but turn off viewers.

Here are some blog design elements to keep in mind:

  • Avoid content clutter, especially on the side bar. This can actually turn someone off because they don’t know what to focus on – too much to look at. It’s confusing and a distraction. There is also something called “Sidebar Blindness”- meaning the content on the sidebar will be ignored
  • Use the SPACE on your pages smartly. Allow your articles to “breathe”, avoid cluttering it up with Ads, and other distracting visuals.
  • Have a MENU where visitors can find topics of interest and have each category on the menu RELATE tot he category. For example – the menu title is “cats” so you have all the articles relating to cats listed, but don’t throw in an article about “hamsters”… you’ll leave your visitor thinking … what?
  • Write what you know. Avoid writing about what others are already writing about – like SEO. If you do write about something like this share what works for you, your opinion, pros/cons.
  • Believe in yourself. There’s only ONE of you in the world. You have much to offer!
  • Listen to your intuition. It’s your guide and I honestly believe it’s always right.

Sure there’s lots to learn which equals lots of content – yes?

I have started to do blog reviews and if you’d like yours looked at to help make it better – if that’s what’s needed, contact me

In the meantime, keep exploring, keep learning, and above all, enjoy it ..  blogging online is a good thing and can be a profitable one as well.


  1. Hi Lesly,

    Your bulleted list has some great points in it and is very helpful. BTW: Your artwork is gorgeous! Thanks for an interesting post.

  2. Philip Verghese Ariel says:

    Hi Lesley,
    It’s Indeed a great joy to be here again after a small gap. Good to read your blogging experience, and valuable tips and suggestions made thru this post.

    I wonder, on the suggestion about the cluttering of your side bar.

    Infact, side bar helps the bloggers to monitor their blog if one not using it I am sure that will be a great loss.

    I am sure most of the bloggers main purpose is to monitize their sites and make money out of it.
    What’s your take on this Lesly?

    Best Regards

    ~ Phil

    • Hi Philip,
      Great to see you again and appreciate your comment. I am anti-sidebar. Bloggers, in my opinion, should think of visitors first by offering a visually stress free website. Meaning – content clarity, easy navigation and easy to read. Sidebars can be confusing and it’s been shown that there is something called “Sidebar blindness” and the sidebar is ignored. I also don’t think visitors buy anything from the sidebar. People buy from people they know, like, and trust first. There are many other ways to monetize/promote a product. I like using a plugin that inserts an AD within a post. I like simplicity in promotion. Too many ADs can make visitors leave a website because it’s visually overwhelming. Sidebars can come in handy if you’re creating a course, or linking to another section of your blog IF the theme has custom sidebars 🙂

  3. Yes, I do love your illustrations. They really make it look different.

  4. Hi Lesly,

    I’m another blogger who remembers all you good work in PAC. I would probably have stopped blogging long ago if it weren’t for you.

    It’s about finding an audience that will listen to what you have to say. I made so many mistakes online that I want to guide other people away from repeating them, but hey-ho, everyone still goes their own sweet way just the same. LOL

    I just drool every time I see your gorgeous new look blog.

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

    • Hi Joy,

      Oh my, really? What a compliment 🙂 thank you. I strongly believe there is an audience for everyone. Keep doing what you’re doing. You share some good content. And thank you for drooling over my website! That warms my heart and I’m on the right track …

  5. Hi Lesly,
    I really liked this post and the way its written is just amazing
    Thank you for sharing this amazing Article.

  6. Erika Mohssen-Beyk says:

    Hi Lesly,
    I like the change and your blog of being you 🙂 Thanks for all the work you did in PAC and for bringing me on the blogging path. Let’s keep following our intuition and heart, it will guide us right.

    • Hi Erika,
      We’ve known each other a long time .. seen you grow so much with your writing – remember when? Thank you for the PAC complement 🙂 Yes, time to explore my personal passion – art… yes, we will keep following our hearts .. it’s always right… much love to you my friend 🙂

  7. Amen Lesley. Our intuition Knows. Perfect. Fool proof. I blog from within, using logic here and there, but honoring my heart, my intuitive nudgings, to stand out.

  8. Hi Lesly

    I love your intuition! and creativity to make your blog be unique and totally YOU.

    Sweet 🙂


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