How Affiliate Programs can Save You Money

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How affiliate programs can save you money. How? By purchasing programs that provide similar features but cost less!

It’s the monthly fee verses the one-time-fee.

Over the years I have spent tons of money on professional programs that offered certain services I  wanted. My monthly bills were adding up to a few hundred dollars. Crazy I know. You may be in the same situation, right?

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]When I became an affiliate marketer I discovered many affiliate software programs were similar to other ones I was paying for. They actually offered more features and less expensive![/tweet_box]

For years I paid for a webinar service and paid a monthly fee. It only offered webinars. Then I discovered another service that offered webinars, email building, landing pages, surveys, and funnels! So, I’d be a dummy if I didn’t go with this service, right? And I did and I pay an affordable monthly fee. In this case a monthly fee for what I was getting was / is worth it.

When it comes to video creation it’s different. Video is huge! But time consuming! There are so many things you can do with video and so many programs on the internet to choose from. But which one, what do they offer and what’s the cost?

Example: Invideo is a service where you can create videos. It offers templates, text editing, and a blank canvas to create your ow. You can get a free account, but – and here’s the catch – you can’t export it. Dang! But if you have a paid account you can. And still, they get ya with how many videos you can make depending on what paid account you have.


Lesly Federici


Over time, you’ll end up spending a fortune. And I get it! There are SP many awesome programs on the internet to add to your online marketing. And this is why I look to affiliate programs, especially with video creation.

This affiliate program offered on JVzoo is a combined copywriting and video creation program. This captured my attention because it has an AI system that creates text based on questions you answer, then spits out a text template you can edit .  The templates can be for a sales letter, landing page, and other suggestions. What I like about this is it helps jog your bran for wording, gives you ideas. You can then use the template in the video you create.

The video creation part gives you images, fonts. video frames and other features to play with. It gives you unlimited exports! And it’s a one time fee. I invest once, have the software forever, use it as often as I want and no monthly fees. It saves me money! And of course I had to become an affiliate to help you save money and have access to a useful program. Video Dyno.


Lesly Federici


My opinion is this – from my online experience over the years, some of the best video creation programs are offered through affiliate programs. I’m a sleuth – looking for similar services that save me money!  The software being created today with AI is intelligent, easy to use, affordable and offer one-time-payments – yea, I like this.

Of course they have upsells, but you have the choice to ignore them and just purchase what you want. For me, depending on the program I’ll purchase the upsells. As an affiliate marketer, I strongly believe before I promote a product, I have to USE it!

If you’re an affiliate marketer you MUST own what you promote. Honesty and integrity count as well as building trusting relationships. And, yes – I own and have used all the products shared with you on this website :-).


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