How Can a 60 Year Old Create a Blog

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How can a 60 year old create a blog or can they?

Really? Of course they can!

How can you even think they can’t.  Are you? 60 plus and older thinking this?

It’s generational. I am 67 as I write this post and growing up there were NO blogs, no social media and so on. If I wanted to write a book I had to find a book publisher.

I was told by my parents I would get a great paying job when I graduated college.  Those that went their own way defying the social norms of the day were labeled “Rebellious” or “Beatniks” for the artistic ones. Much of following our hearts was met with criticism and negative support.

But today in 2021 the world has opened to all kinds of opportunity created by the internet. I don’t have to look for a book publisher – I can create my own.

At 60-years of age, is a glass haft full or half empty? What we often forget is the life we have led so far and our accomplishments.

Bloomberg Business Report discusses “Success over 50” and has these 4 steps to consider:

  1. Make it meaningful
  2. Move your body
  3. Fight weakness
  4. Beyond work



Let’s discuss.

Here’s my take on these 4 steps and I’ll add a few of my own.

  1.  Life doesn’t end when 50 or 60 plus. In many ways it’s just beginning. In fact it’s like a new beginning because you can reflect on what you’ve experienced in the past and pull from it, or indulge in something totally different. Keeping a success journal can help reflection and what you’re life has been like. It helps to see any themes that flow up to now. It creates opportunities to do something else, taking a risk on doing thet “Thing” you always wanted to do. Check out the “Crochet Boss” on facebook. He’s an inspiration.
  2. Move! Keeping you body moving, exercising keeps your brain functioning better than being sedentary.
  3. Fighting weakness. This is all about mindset! Discovering what your weakness are, focus on improving and strengthening it. Which is it – “Grit, passion, or growth”. If the weakness is “Grit” what can be done to make you stronger in this area?
  4. Beyond work.  Simply, learn something new, new skills which create new neuro pathways and increase cognitive development.



Ok. I agree with all of it. Here’s what I’ll add:

  • Confidence. Many people my age think they have nothing to offer, share with others in a blog format. All of it – planning, creating, writing content for it are ALL new skills to learn and helps improve cognitive development.
  • Finally doing what you love or creating a new interest.
  • Being a role model for your children and grandchildren. Screw the naysayers, right? And at any age you can be successful!

Where do you begin in creating a blog?

  • Find someone who has been a bloggers for a long time and can direct you to the best info or learn from them
  • Hire a mentor
  • Join blogging groups
  • Do not use free blogging platforms
  • Plan what you want first before going online to create a website
  • Accept that blogging is always changing because your interests change
  • Use your name as the website domain
  • Learn, research, learn and grow.

Enjoy being 60 and older. You are a treasure chest of golden experiences. Oh, and if you want some help go here


  1. I too have great fun running my blog. I’ve learned about so many new things and met all sorts of new people all over the world. Thanks for pointing out Lesly, that you’re #NeverTooOld.

    • Hi Rosemary!
      Great to see you visiting and thanks for your comment! I love blogging. I didn’t at one time but I’m doing some things differenly so it’s better. Age has NOTHING to do with the magic of one’s life that can be chared with others and create something new 🙂

  2. Roy A Ackerman, PhD, EA says:

    So, I am way older than you- and I created my (permanent) blog back when I was just shy of 60.
    And, I love sharing my thoughts with- and responding to the thoughts of- others of all age groups.
    It helps that I am a polymath and converse about a range of subjects. The trick is to let our readers know when we are talking facts and when we are expressing opinions (I either use italics when I am opinionating or start the paragraph with “My thoughts”, “My take”, etc.
    Thanks for sharing yours, Lesly!

    • Hi Roy,
      Thanks for the visit and the read! Well, italics can be used the right or the wrong way depending on how literate one is in the English language. And it is my opinion, of course how I choose to write. I’m sure you have your way as well .. I’ll have to take a look 🙂

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