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The Ignored Number That Affects Your Life The Most

What could possibly be the ignored number that can affect your life the most?

Well it all depends on your perspective of life and how you live it. But I can tell you from personal experience the number is – 1.

The Ignored Number That Affects Your Life The Most 1

Excellent Book

There are so many books on how to multitask – we bought into it as a society. Realistically we really only do one thing at a time.

This is where the magic comes in by reducing  all those “things” eating up precious time in our life.

All those blogs we maintain

All the social media posts we sprinkle around to get our message out

Looking for that perfect blog theme

All those items on our “to do” list to get done (Do we get them done?)

All those non-stop random thoughts running around in our head that have the power (if we allow it) to paralyze us from completing anything


When the basic, simple  fact is – we can only do one thing at a time …

doesn’t matter how many things you have in front of you. You can only do one at a time.

And that ONE thing translates into focus.

The Ignored Number That Affects Your Life The Most

Ask the question : “What’s the one thing I can do now”

Focus on the one thing – everything else is a distraction

And how often are we distracted?

There’s an element here that also needs to be acknowledged. The use of time

Life is fleeting. Thousands of moments slip through our lives and very often never captured – unless you write a book or keep a diary. Otherwise they become memories.

Because we have so MANY distractions, focusing on that ONE thing, giving IT devoted  time it needs to blossom, will bring it to fruition, and will turn it into a focused, achieved success. So …

  • Focus on one blog and make it extraordinary
  • Become an expert on ONE social media platform
  • Focus daily, one action at a time on the dream you want to accomplish
  • Learn how to control your thoughts and emotions so you can focus on reality
  • Read the book “One Thing” to feed your brain and gain personal insights

Avoiding the distractions, and everyone knows what they are, I’m sure you do – that which keeps you from completing what you really want in life, yes?

It can be done. As far as time and fleeting moments …

  • Discover how much time you waste being distracted by using a timer.
  • Keep a journal to capture memorable moments and keeps the “history” of you alive through the years
  • Create a success journal to keep track of what you actually achieve (distractions only waste time). The journal never lies unless you record things that have not happened

The magic of accomplishment is in one thing at a time.



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