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Instant Gratification Robs Reality

Instant gratification robs reality. Why? Things take their time. Yet the mind doesn’t – it’s fast.

“Things” take their time. Life takes its time. Chores take time to get done. It’s understood.

Today things change in a blink of an eye. Images flash before our eyes in an instant. We almost can’t catch up in the “information” world that drops in our inbox daily.

It’s overwhelming.

Our Smartphones, iPones, quick access to information has turned us into cerebral functioning human beings pushing the “autopilot” life style – take out dinner, instant deliveries, and a building frustration for anything that “Takes too long” to get.

I see it all the time, the frustration, the impatience.

I’ve experienced it too.

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Two years ago I joined a gym with visions of being a slimmer version of me. What I imagined was nothing like the reality of my arduous workouts.

Reality is never what you imagine

I didn’t know how much I would hurt being physically active and then also in a resting state. It took weeks, months to even notice a change in my body. I became frustrated – wanted to give up. Why is it taking so long?

Because we live in two worlds.

Reality, which is the physical world. And the imagined, what we fill our minds with which keeps us in the “Go” mode.

So as our minds spin 1000 miles a second, here’s the time it takes for our physical body to do certain things :

  • 30 days for the liver to regenerate
  • 27 days for skin to renew
  • 7 years for a woman’s body to renew
  • Human plasma regenerates in 24 hours
  • Red blood cells renew in 7 – 8 weeks
  • 6 – 8 hours for food to digest in your stomach
  • It takes weeks for your body to adjust to changes in diet. For example it will take a month (or more) to adapt to no sugar intake, or reducing the use of added salt – this I know from personal experience

If you wanted to start a garden it would take 2 – 3 weeks for a garden to start sprouting.

We can’t rush or push the speed of our physical life, only what we have in our minds – our thoughts and how fast we think. Often it’s out of sync with your body.

I write about this to share a different perspective about our lives and how we live it. And how much more we can get out of it if we live in reality more.

Learning Mindfulness is a great discipline to implement because it connects the mind with the physical and teaches understanding in accepting time as a distorted means to live one’s life by.

Two activities have taught me to recognize when I’m on autopilot, to observe it in others, and how to “Catch and shift”.

  1. The use of a timer.  This keeps me grounded, from distorting what I think I can, or not get done in a day.  For example, I have thought in the past writing a blog post might take me a few hours! But when I use a timer, set it for 60 minutes – I get the post done and often with minutes to spare. Then I move on to something else.
  2. Mindful Meditation – has taught me to slow down, to “Catch” my out of control thinking and shift it to what’s currently happening in the moment.

There are many things we want to happen fast, instantly, but the reality is – it won’t.  Giving “Instant Gratification” a rest can lead to more content and a healthier life experience.


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