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Learn but do not follow bloggers. Do your thing your way – it’s what matters most as a blogger.

I have gathered an internet philosophy over the years that resulted from growing up with the “web”.

As people were trying to figure it out, I pretty much decided it was best to “do your own thing” because there were no guidelines to follow – per say.

When I created my very first website in 1998, WordPress was also just spreading its wings and you had to know html code to develop a website (early blogs) on their platform. “User friendly” became a huge design element and then Social Media came along “web 2.0”.

SEO and “linking” started to rule the way things were done online so people could find your website. And then as Google blossomed into a mega star and an internet dictator, it changed search algorithms, again, and again, and still again today.

What we have eased into today is the “Human”  and “Personal” development of the internet, specifically the search engines – which I think is a good thing and yet, I think it’s causing more anxiety than ever when it comes to content creation.

Here’s why I think it’s good:

  • people socialize with people – not links
  • people like to get answers to their questions
  • most people like to learn new things
  • people like quality content, not crap
  • people want access to true and meaningful information

The challenge?

  • Competition

As the internet has become more “human”, competition has grown immensely in delivering “valuable content”  to internet readers. In fact new job descriptions and careers have been created just to deal with the competition of writing quality content for websites. If you ever thought content is dead – wrong.

So, for most of us, who are not working for a company, but for ourselves, we deal with “what to write” usually on a daily basis 

Lesly Federici


I certainly did and still do. But I’ve ways to zap those thoughts of what to write and move on. But you may be new to blogging and then “BOOM” you have to write a post. Insecurities, doubts about your ability to write well and inspire others creep in,  and then the worst – “what if people don’t like this”

Who cares!

Here’s what I want you to remember – there are millions of thousands of people on the internet. Because of this, you will always have an audience based on who YOU are

This is why self-branding is so important! You don’t want to create a blog and start writing about the same stuff everyone else is writing about .. SEO, marketing, etc. That’s one direction I took and hated it. My “heart” wasn’t in it. You want to become THE person people will look for .

How does THAT happen?

  • quality content
  • posting often
  • self-branding
  • using Social Media for “self-marketing”
  • posting your content on Social Media platforms
  • learning something then teaching others

You want to write about things you’re passionate about – THEN turn it into a kind of “educational” post. Writing about your experiences and what you learned from it … when you write from this point of view you are generating useful information that someone can learn from.

Yes. It’s the classic “What’s in it for me” and when you write, answer that question which  relates to your post. 

So, What is “Quality” Content?

Here’s a great article on exactly this which goes into more detail. But here are the suggestions for writing quality content (Search Engine Land):

  1. Help The User Complete A Specific Task
  2. Make Sure It’s “Made To Stick”
  3. Write A Strong Title & H1
  4. Organize Thematic Subsections
  5. Make Sure It Inspires, Educates And/Or Entertains
  6. Ask Yourself If You Would Share It
  7. Make Sure It’s Relevant (topic matches your website niche or theme)
  8. Watch Your Word Count (debatable)

And Here’s what I’m adding to the list:

  1. Build your vocabulary (use a dictionary to get different words that can say the same thing)
  2. Use correct spelling and grammar
  3. Avoid repeating the same words

After all this sinks in, now, how can you be different?

Be yourself!  You have your own way of explaining things, your own perceptions of life, your own opinions. The way you interpret information is unique to you. There’s NO ONE like you on the planet.


Think about all of the above and start “morphing” what you know, learn, study, read, that builds your knowledge in a particular area, and share it all in your own words. Don’t copy – morph.

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  1. Hi Lesly,

    just love your message here! Like you, I’ve been around the houses a bit when it comes to blogging and covering things where your heart isn’t … and you’re right, it doesn’t feel good, and it can strangle our individual values and instincts.
    Lovely to see you writing the Artistic Affiliate… it’s how I think of you, and I’ve always loved that name 💜

    ~ Jacs

  2. The word count is always an interesting conversation. It would seem that there is very little agreement as to what is the correct count. As of late, I have decided not to even worry about it. I will just see what happens and hope for the best.

  3. Hi Lesly,

    I too started writing about technical stuff – early on, before I realised I had only an inkling of the really clever techniques that the real pros were writing about, far more proficiently than I ever could.

    Do instead I blog about the only thing I have experience in – starting an online business, making mistakes, learning from them and picking up the pieces, starting over again – but wiser this time!

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

  4. Hi Al,
    I appreciate the visit and the complement! Thank you … I agree with you.. quality and I’ll add your writing style – how you use words is another factor. Hope to see you again!

  5. Hi Lesly,

    The best way to do something is always the way you want. But, the same time learn from the mistakes and update yourself.

  6. Hi Rachel,
    Wonderful to see you visiting, thank you. I like your philosophy! Life, business .. it is an adventure and a good way to look at it that way

  7. Hi Lesly,
    This is a truly helpful post and it is right, do it your way.
    I remember when I started you told me the same. And I saw
    and experienced seeing others doing the same and it works.
    What you say that people socialize with people not with links is true.
    A lot changes in the last years. I remember there was really a lot of crap
    in the past. Good to see the internet is becoming more human.
    Self-branding only can work if one does its own thing in its own way.
    Great post, helpful not only for beginners.
    Thank you

  8. I find my best stuff is about either my own experiences or relating my own experiences to something. Sure, it’s self-absorbed (but then again, so am I! LOL), but otherwise, I’d be talking about the same stuff as everyone else.

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