Mindful Ware

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Most likely you’ve heard the word – mindful, yes?


Mindfulness is just about everywhere. You can find it in schools, in business, in yoga practices, in tons of books – mindful eating, mindful parenting, and so o,  but rarely in medical facilities – although I’m sure they try.


Mindful, or being mindful is a way of being through behavior and mindset. It’s embracing life, the good, the bad and all that comes your way while you contemplate it before you respond to what ever it is.

It’s easy to do but hard to accept. It’s easy to do but hard to overcome auto-piolet thinking – the “hamster wheel” of thought or the “monkey mind”. It’s easy to do but learning a new way of behaving and having at last control over crazy, mindless thinking that goes no where.

These are some of the challenges in learning to be mindful. Once they are discovered, experienced, and awareness sets in a new way of being begins:

  • more compassion
  • decreased depression
  • increased gratitude for self and life
  • better health and wellness
  • controlled anxiety
  • controlled thoughts
  • better problem solving
  • responding to situations instead of being emotionally charged

But sounds great, right? But how do we learn and experience being mindful?

The very fist step is understanding and accepting the only real  time we have is the present. As you read this post and then move onto another website, this page, what you read becomes a memory.

Every day, every moment during that day becomes a memory. So learning mindfulness is living in the present.

How to begin? It’s simple – slowing down, taking time to breath …

Mindful Breathing

Slowing down, taking time to just breathe deeply can be done anywhere. Sitting outside, walking, doing the dishes. These are called “mindful activities”.

And setting a different intention to sit quietly, anywhere, and just breathe brings about an awareness of body and one’s life is profound.

Becoming mindful enriches your life because you experience more. When you calm your mind a new wave of thoughts appear. Some are ideas, creating thoughts, solutions to problems, answers to questions. Sometimes memories can arise that have been dormant for years – this is a good thing because it can be a release or a letting go experience.

When you calm down a new world opens up to you.

“Mindful Ware” is a line of clothing I’m creating to remind people, to open the conversation of becoming mindful. It is such a needed practice for mental health, health and wellness in this day and age.

So, I am here to teach mindfulness and wear it to promote it.

The magic of mindfulness is in the experience of practice.

more to come …