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No.67 -The Story:

In my 20’s, I used vitamin E on my face and neck for years. I would prick a hole in an E capsule with a pin and squeeze the oil out. Then I massaged it from hand to my face and neck. Ah, it was my natural “beauty” treatment in keeping my kin moisturized and healthy.

But like most women, I was seduced by all the glamorous cosmetic products promising youthful, moisturizing, anti-aging magic for our skin. I bought into the promise and spent lots of money on a variety of products.  I would try them out and after a while went back to my vitamin E routine – over and over again. Why?

Some products irritated my skin, gave me rashes, smelled, and frankly just felt like glop on my face. I didn’t like this.

I stopped seeking the cosmetic “Grail” and started looking for something natural without a bunch of chemicals in it. If you look at the ingredients on ANY product, cosmetic or not the list is long, incredibly long. It certainly made me think about the chemicals listed and what harm to me they could cause.

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Enter the Environmental Working Group )

This is a FANTASTIC website which is a data resource for any kind of product you can imagine, what’s in it that can exacerbate  an illness like asthma, or cause cancer. Here’s where it focuses on cosmetics.

I started looking into products using shea butter. I found one, sold by Whole Foods and used it for a while. The ingredients were simple: shea butter, coconut butter, hemp oil, tapioca starch ( for thickening), and vitamin E. Loved it – but why add a thickener?


My concerns:

  • Product honesty
  • Chemicals
  • False advertising
  • Illness
  • Realistic advertising for aging women (there is none)

The Egyptians, over 10,000 years ago used natural oils to moisture their skin. Why not do the same today? Ah, I digress….

There are 3 main methods to care for and protect my skin:

  1. Drinking water daily
  2. Moisturizing my skin with as natural a product as possible
  3. Blood circulation

So I started looking for products with shea butter as the main ingredient. Then I went to EWG to investigate the ingredients and shook my head. Disappointed in what I discovered, I then asked myself – what if I made my own? How difficult could it be?

Not difficult at all. I watched several how-to YouTube videos, purchased what I needed from Amazon and started supplying myself with my own natural skin care.

Success! I love what I made and my husband uses it too (amazing). It’s fresh, no chemicals,  wears well, smooth, and no irritations on my skin. Ingredients: shea butter, coconut oil, and almond oil – that’s it. Oh, and made with love.

Ok. Anyone can make their own skin care product but there’s a difference in mindset to do so.

Why did I name it No.67? Because I am 67 years-old. It’s the year I started thinking about getting older and how my skin will look years from now. It’s the year I got annoyed at cosmetic advertising commercials on TV  showing only young women using cosmetics. But I haven’t seen, maybe you have, older women with gray hair flowing as they apply the magic of a mascara product to their eyes and seeing wrinkled skin as well.

It’s the year I embraced using Vitamin E in my youth and recognizing I was on to something – I just didn’t know it at the time. It’s here now for the same reason I stopped dying my hair – I want to age naturally,  have a healthy natural skin glow, and be comfortable in my own skin as I age.

Now I know there are other women out there, maybe even you as you read this, that agree. I once watched a TV show with a famous model doing a segment on makeup and how her face looked so beautiful.  Well, she must have put at least eight layers of product on her face. Wow , why so much?  I don’t know, that’s not for me. I’m of the school – natural.

No.67 reflects me, my values in what I consider beauty to be and sharing it with like minded women. The mindset difference is how one thinks about aging and beauty. Some feel you have to hide aging – dying hair, wrinkle creams (our skin will wrinkle at some point regardless of what we put on it) etc. Then there’s me – going all natural – moisturizing DOES lessen wrinkles even with natural, chemical free products.


How to Use if You Received a Sample

  • Keep in a cool dry space / area
  • Use on face, neck, hands,  and body (a universal cream)
  • Use as you need it
  • 2 oz tin will last about 1 month, less or more depending on how much you use
  • Cream melts to body temp, massage into your skins, absorbs well


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