Learning Curve Assistance Pro Plan


Monthly Payment



Overwhelmed? Learning Curve Assistance program is designed to build your confidence in being a successful blogger.

Success means different things to different people and for you, it depends on what and how to make your blog professional. There are many things to learn about, especially if you’re new. But the Pro Plan, and your coach Lesly Federici will be with you every step of the way.

What’s included in the Pro Plan? Just about everything you need based on what YOU want to accomplish with your blog. This could be:

  • Enhancing writing skills
  • Types of content
  • Design, layout and blog presentation
  • Blog UX
  • How to set-up a blog
  • Techy how-to’s
  • Weekly Google Hangouts to keep on track
  • Connecting different programs depending on project
  • Creating images
  • Storage solutions
  • Video , ebook creation

Learning Curve Assistance includes:

  • Weekly Google Hangouts
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Blog Troubleshooting
  • Assist with Blog Set-up
  • Guidance and direction
  • Focused problem solving on projects