Learning Curve Assistance Super Plan


One Month Only



The Learning Curve Assistance Super Plan is designed to assist you in what you need to maintain your blog. It’s also a teaching opportunity to demonstrate what’s involved in maintaining a website.

It’s recommended you own your blog with a hosting company instead of a free blogging platform. This is because free blogging platforms are owned by the company and are usually limit what you can post on it. For example – no Ads.

So why enroll for one month? Because you may learn all you need to. If not, enrolling in the Pro Plan may be a better option.

What’s Included in this one time fee:

  • Weekly Google Hangouts
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Blog Troubleshooting
  • Assist with Blog Set-up
  • Guidance and Direction
  • Updating Plugins
  • Content Review
  • Design and Layout Suggestions
  • Review of Blogger UX
  • Full Learning Curve Assistance




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