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Stuffed Ebook with Hamburger Delight

Stuffed Ebook with Hamburger Delight .. WHAT is that! I never heard of such a thing! Have you?

And yet this is a new way of learning and specifically in DOING.

This new way is using the metaphor of the “Recipe” in building a business. It’s a program cultivated by Ed Dale.

Ed has been around on the internet for years. You may have heard of him. He’s well known for creating “The Challenge” a free 30 day challenge in building a business online. His first one was about 10 years ago. I went through it and learned a great deal – I still have my notes. That’s where I learned about the Kundle Cartoon Publishing program. His innovation in creating the challenge has attracted such “Gurus” as Frank Kern, Russell Brunson and others.

Ed’s Recipe Program came about when he was personally challenged to make $10,000.00 in 30 days – a challenge Russell Brunson created just a couple of months ago and hundreds of people participated in it – including me.  And, Ed did meet the goal but not without struggle. He was only allowed to use one social media platform that he actually new nothing about (Instagram).

You can learn a lot in one month and if you’re under pressure to accomplish a goal within that time frame – you work fast, yes?

30 days isn’t a lot of time, but it’s enough time to discover or do things not dome before – simply, IMPLEMENTING.

Looking for that perfect blog theme

Not wasting time thinking and planning what to do.

Here’s where the “Recipe” comes in.

If you’re a Master Chef, you KNOW how to blend ingredients. You KNOW what you need to use to create a specific recipe. In the Chef’s kitchen there are several cooks with specific jobs and the kitchen is set up to have everything in its place to grab what they need for any recipe.

The waiter takes an order and writes on a “Ticket” then gives to the kitchen where the cooks pull everything they need and the chef puts it all together to create the dish, and voila!

Stuffed Ebook with Hamburger Delight

This process can be applied to business for FASTER results.

If you have an expertise, you know the “ingredients” of your expertise. You know what it is, what makes it an expertise, and what you need to add or take away to perfect your craft and present it to others (the dish).

You also know there are several steps or actions you need to take to implement your craft.

What if you treated aspects of your business like a recipe?

For example:

I like to create ebooks. So I know I need to:

  • Research my topic
  • Create images
  • Write the book
  • Publish the book
  • Promote the book

Each step requires “ingredients” to get it DONE before I can move on to the next task.

  1. Research my topic: How long will this take? Am I spending days thinking about it or wandering aimlessly on the internet? What if I wrote a “Ticket” for this specific task in a way, and TIMED, to get it done – something like: I will look for information on xyz on Google for 50 minutes (You’d be amazed what you can get done in 50 minutes)! The “Ticket” is specific, time oriented to get it DONE and keeps you focused on the task. When completed, move on to the next task or “ingredient”.

The “Ticket” is the “Dish” I’m making with all the ingredients blended within to make this particular recipe – “research” DONE:

So what the heck am I talking about here! A better way to get things done and fast. Not wasting time but straight and to the point to get tasks done.

I know new concept.

I’ll write more, and show images about it as well .. so stay connected. More to come.

And I thank Ed Dale for his curious, fruitful explorations and creativity.


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