Your Talent Is Just Under Your Nose

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Many times your talent is right under your nose, but ignored. Have you noticed?

Not so much ignored but not acknowledged either. Or you just have a blind eye to it. Which I did and had until recently.

During my younger years I thought I was going to be the next Picasso – yes! I was an artist, entered several art shows, won prizes and at one time had an art gallery. Things changed of course, I got married, changed careers …

But at one art show I exhibited a pairing of a bass player. I remember when I painted it. It was in the throws of witter in a small town called Solon, Maine. A friend of mine rented out a room in her home where I could paint – a studio. I loved it. So my bass player looked like he was playing outside under the warmth of the sun looking very sultry as he played.

A man walked up to the painting and jokingly turned to his friend and loudly said “Looks very phallic to me”. I heard what he said (he used a more descriptive word than that) and I was embarrassed and mortified.  I immediately hated that painting and spent the next few years trying to get rid of it. I finally gave it to a couple who loved it. It hangs in their home.

So for years I suppressed my art. I know what you’re thinking – how could I let someone’s comments keep me from creating. It’s simple. I was insecure and at that time in my life the opinions and praise from others were important. So much, the negative feedback killed my desire to paint.

Perhaps you can relate to this, yes?


The Walk by Lesly Federici

The Walk by Lesly Federici

That was years ago. The urge to create haunted me …

This is now:

The desire to create art again has been a non-stop whirlwind of thoughts swirling about with ideas and images. So one evening I sat down with a hot cup of tea next to me to sip, I viewed some art work I had done sporadically over the past year.  And there it was.

I always thought I didn’t have any “style” of creating. Worse – my art was crap, I thought.  Picasso had a way of creating, Modigliani did, Monet, Manet did – they all did. When I looked at my drawings and collages I saw a style starting to emerge and THAT was thrilling to me, something that was innately me. It may not come out perfect like what I imagined – but what did come out was a consistent style of me and my way of creating.

I was blind to what I was producing until I took a real look at what I had already created.



I’m just grateful for the discovery now at this time in my life.

To get to this point though, I had to give up to gain the emotional and mental space to ponder and discover. In other words – the distractions, the activities I was choosing to do were blocking – keeping me from what my heart wanted to do – create.



Ignoring the negative chatter in your mind, and being grateful that nothing has been lost. You just pick up where you left off in a stronger place. It’s all there, right under my nose. I just had to look and understand what matters most is being true to myself.



  1. Hi Lesly,
    I was having a conversation with a friend just this morning about how we are conditioned to seek validation/approval/acceptance from the outside world rather than looking within to find those things. At the same time this leaves us wide open to the hurt and criticism that is also inflicted upon us. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes not. It is so unfortunate that society as a whole doesn’t embrace “live and let live”. We are so quick to judge and try to make people fit into this neat little box that we for some reason believe they should be confined to.
    I am so happy for you that you are finding your way back to creating beautiful art, and for reminding us that we have the power to overcome this type of negativity and do what we love.

  2. Hi Lesly, so glad you were able to overcome those words. You make an excellent point for us to listen to ourselves. You are right too that awareness makes us stronger! Your artwork is awesome. I used to do art years ago but haven’t dabbled anymore – I should try it again, you have inspired me 🙂

    • Hi Lisa,
      Welcome! I just did a video in my Facebook group about this – when we lose touch with ourselves – those things that make us who we are. Go do your artwork. If you used to do it then revisit it, it’s part of you. Thank you for your visit and comment!

  3. Hi Lesly,
    My friend, it all boils down to not listening to that incessant inner voice that tells you that you will never win. Finding the inner strength every day in yourself is truly what matters, not the voices and opinions of others. Enjoy creating your beautiful art, oh that’s an opinion of mine that you may take to heart.

  4. Sorry that happened to you. The thing is the comment was more about him than you. Instead of asking a few questions about your work, he made the rude comment. Most likely the reason for it was he didn’t understand your art and that is what comes back to asking questions. I LOVE your Art!

  5. Hi Lesly,
    What a shame that thoughtless comment discouraged – but I know just how often it can happen. So glad you’re back and using your talent again because I think your style is amazing.

    I can relate to it somewhat, as I was very discouraged with blogging and Internet Marketing about the middle of last year. However, now I’m settled in my new home in Norwich, I have come back ready to pick off where I left off, as you said, but in a stronger place.

    Good luck to us both 🙂

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

    • What a moving post Lesley. I think we all have stories about the impact careless words have had on our self image, and we carry them around for years. I’m happy you’ve found yourself again and that your hard won wisdom will bring even more depth to your art. I can’t wait to see what you create going forward.

    • Hi Joy
      Thank you for visiting and your comment… life experiences and the interactions with others influence us. Awareness makes us stronger to break apart .. you are doing great too now that your settled into your new home … 🙂 Happy for you!

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