The Deliciousness of Adjectives

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The deliciousness of adjectives can turn your content into drooling readers wanting more.

It’s true.

How? Well, one needs to know what an “Adjective” is first. An adjective is a word that describes a noun in a sentence.

So not to get to involved with grammar, here’s an example because it’s simple to implement:

“John goes to the store”

John, a physically fit young man, goes to the neighborhood store.”


Adjectives are like ingredients you add to food to give it flavor and succulent taste. So adjectives spice-up your writing making it interesting and even memorable …


To write well, capturing the imagination of the reader, you need to use words that describe and draw the reader into your conversation, or discussion.

I started reading Anthony Bourdain’s book “Medium Raw” and was struck immediately by the descriptive words he used to describe an experience he had. I only read the first few pages and I was so curious about what he was discussing, I looked it up on the Internet.

Most of us might say –

“This is a once in a life time meal ..”

Where as Anthony wrote –

This is a once-in-afuckinglifetime meal – a never– in-a-lifetime meal for most mortals … even in France.”

I’m not suggesting you curse – this is Anthony’s natural way of expression if you ever watched  his TV show “Parts Unknown” on CNN Sunday nights, he does curse.

But making a common statement like this and using an expressive word and adding “for most mortals”, I got the sense that this meal he was about to devour was a meal only Zeus would eat! I imagined I was was in the dinning room sitting next to Anthony about to eat Ortolan ( you’ll have to look this up).

Sadly, Anthony Bourdain took his life a week ago – millions are heartbroken, including myself.

Writing well and storytelling is ALL about the words you use to describe what you want to share. I think this is the path to standing out with blogging – using words in a way that grabs the readers interest.

Best Ways to Cultivate Your Personal Language

  • Read books and magazines – observe how words are used
  • Use a thesaurus to build your vocabulary
  • Use a dictionary to find the meaning of a word you just discovered and don’t know
  • Use emotional words and  …
  • Remember to use adjectives

And most of all,  be yourself.



  1. I too love the power of words and the use of adjectives – the deliciousness, as you so eloquently say. I will try to include more adjectives to improve my writing as sometimes I think I can be a bit too factual 🙂

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

  2. As a writer myself, I love reading about writing! Silly, I know, but it can be so much fun to be reminded of how expressive the english language can be with adding some really cool adjectives. My recent favorite is “ameliorate”. Similar to the idea of helping, treating, curing – but that word just makes stop and think…and google it!! Thanks so much for sharing! ~ Johanna

  3. Hi Lesly,
    I love learning new adjectives and know it makes a big difference when we use them on the right spot.
    Always searching to make writing better.Using words that grabs the readers interest is an art.
    Thank you

  4. Love it!!! Letting personality shine is important. 💕

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