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The Learning Curve Assistance Program

The Learning Curve Assistance program for bloggers saves time and decreases stress.

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You may wonder how this program decreases stress for a blogger. I can tell you it does because of my own personal experience. Beside this, think about all the things you have learned in your life and the “Learning Curve” you had to go through before you mastered it.

There’s a learning curve for everything you feed your brain with. Right? In school learning a new subject, learning to ride a bike, learning a new skill.

But when the internet came along the learning curve was huge! What’s an icon? What’s an email and how do you use it? What’s a website? What the heck is social media?

Learning Curve Assistance was created to help people like you – perhaps,  to go through a learning curve with ease and less stress to reach goals comfortably. It’s designed to focus on bloggers new and somewhat experienced to build a blog or make one function better.

What are the challenges with blogging:

  • How to start a blog
  • Where to host a blog
  • Is it better to own one or use a free blogging platform
  • What is a plugin and how are they used
  • How do I update plugins
  • How do I write emails
  • How do I sell products online
  • What’s involved in creating an ebook
  • How do you publish an ebook
  • What program do I use
  • There’s something wrong with my blog how do I fix it
  • My images are blurry
  • Where do I get the best images
  • What is a pixel
  • What is a link
  • How do I link
  • Do I need to know HTML, CSS
  • What theme company do I use
  • What’s the best theme to use
  • How do I upload an image
  • How to create an ebook
  • How do I create a course on my website
  • How to create video
  • What is a zip file and how do I upload it to my blog
  • How do I secure my website
  • What is SEO
  • How do I use SEO
  • What is a keyword and why should I use them
  • What’s the difference between a post and a page
  • What’s a category
  • How many programs do I need to use
  • What is Gutenberg
  • How do I install social media
  • Building an online business
  • And so much more …

There are so many things to learn! Anything stand out to you?

I know! But you never want to do this on your own as I have through the years. I’ve spent lots of money on programs promising to show me the way. Nope. Many are just crap. Many times the real good educational programs cost a pretty penny.

Looking for that perfect blog theme

So. I created Learning Curve Coaching to help you, a new blogger, or someone who has a blog and needs help. It’s flexible. You decise what you want to work on and we go from there. There are no contracts.

Take a look at what I offer. I’m here for you to have the BEST blogging experience possible!

If you are interested, fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you.

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